Friday, July 08, 2005

A good day

A good day for me is when my office is cool and all of my machines are working. I feel in control of my environment and ready to get to work. My mind starts rolling as if nothing can stop it. Then I see Pepper who is ready to go out for his morning walk.

A good day for Pepper is when we go to the park in the morning and run around and chase squirrels. There are no time lines, deadlines, or competition--well, maybe for the squirrels, but if that's the case they always win. On a fine day at the park with a cool breeze (no sprinklers) and lots of stuff to sniff, it's as if nothing else matters.

Pepper knows how to experience life to the fullest, make me laugh, and run and play.

Stress for Pepper is being left alone, someone walking up behind us unannounced, or someone petting him without asking. It's hard to resist just reaching out with a quick hand, but Pepper has had an unkind hand in the past. He needs to get to know people slowly. He appreciates good manners and slow movements. Pepper is very slowly learning to trust people. I've learned from Pepper to laugh, play, go outside when I don't want to, and live healthier. He's also introduced me to my neighbors. Someone asked me if I knew my neighbors, and I had to admit that I knew all of the ones with dogs. Life with Pepper is pretty simple. Accepting loves, not questioning why, and just savoring the day. Pepper helps me experience life to the fullest.

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